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Richard's Architect Resume

Richard's Architect Word File

Richard's Resume

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Esmeralda Langseth


Our area of focus is health care data analysis and planning. We have experience with ICD-10, HIPAA and 21 CFR 11 planning, programming and documentation.

We have a mission to support economic development, jobs creation, through telecommuting with on-line database support. Initiatives include working with Indian people (Native Americans) and other remote peoples living in isolated regions to link these peoples to jobs on the Web. 

We believe that the remote processing of graphics is an ideal telecommuting task.  When Justin Langseth established EIS as a leading worldwide bulletin-board product in the early 1980s, it was accepted by the publishing industry as a vehicle to transport print-ready files from place to place.  Now, we envision remote peoples formatting and enhancing photos and other graphics via the Web.

Note regarding simplistic nature of this site. The primary design emphasis of this page is to allow for "spidering" -- search engine access to linked pages. So, we have employed no special graphics and no frames. Someday we may update the way the thumbnails are presented to fix location problems when this site is viewed at low resolution.

Richard's Key Words:

o ICD-9 to ICD-10 Working Group and conversion studies Meaningful Use
o Health Claims Processing Systems HIPAA 837-I and 837-P and 5030
o X.12 and XML Healthcare Data Sets
o Clinical and Pharmaceutical Research Studies HEDIS NDC CPT ICD
o Data Warehouse Setups
o Data Modeler and Architect
o Data Dictionaries and Corporate Data Conformance



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Jo-Ann's Resume

Richard's Resume

Richard's Bio Word File

Richard's Technical Word File

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Snail Mail
Richard and Jo-Ann Langseth
170 Budlong Farm Road
Warwick, RI 02886-8362

Office phone
401 738-4347

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copyedit.org  facilitates the interchange of text and graphics among authors, publishers, and editing craftspeople.  This site addresses the relevant-copy issue that some search engine human editors are bringing up.  Copyedit.org is Jo-Ann Langseth's site.

More sites to come

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