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Work Experience

2002 – 2010 – Freelance Web Editing

In recent years I have been engaged as a Web editor for a variety of business and personal sites.  I edited all copy for Los Angeles-based  I also provided online editing for MicroStrategy’s  My Web site,, attracted these clients, along with many others who were seeking, in particular, a strong writer/editor/proofreader who also specializes in health, self-help, and metaphysical topics.  Recent projects have included the rewriting of Change Your Aura, Change Your Life (WisdomLight Books, 2003) and the copyediting of Your Birthday Sign Through Time (Atria Books, 2002). I also edited and wrote portions of Love Signs & You, an 864-page astrology guide to romantic love, with histories of the love lives of famous couples (The Five Mile Press, 2003).  During my fifteen years of work for Merlyn’s Pen: The National Magazine of Student Writing, I frequently wrote and edited its Web pages. In a major change of pace, I edited How to Write Killer Sales Proposals, formerly titled Request for Proposal: A Guide to Effective RFP Development (Addison-Wesley).

1987 – 2002--
Senior Editor, Merlyn's Pen: The National Magazine of Student Writing, East Greenwich, RI

All editing, proofreading, and restructuring of stories and poems for publication in this national, teen-written magazine was performed by me. I also assisted in the selection process, making final decisions with the publisher and writing encouraging critiques on many of the 15,000 yearly manuscripts. Accompanying the magazine and its spin-off anthologies were teaching guides and promotional direct-mail pieces, authored by me. For several years I also served as director of the Merlyn's Pen Mentors in Writing Program, a semester-long writing tutorial for students in grades 6 - 12, conducted via mail and e-mail.

1987 – 1998 - Associate Editor, Body, Mind & Spirit magazine, Island Publishing, Providence, RI 

As Associate Editor of this national (circ. 300,000) New Age magazine, I edited and proofed all copy, suggested and wrote celebrity interviews (Thomas Moore, Caroline Myss, Ali MacGraw, Fritjof Capra, Deepak Chopra, Betty Eadie) and articles featuring a range of alternative-health topics.  Best received were my insights into the psycho-spiritual dynamics of homeopathy (an original theory) and my wildly popular "bowel series" (“The Shocking Truth About Your Colon – And What You Can Do About It”), which sparked close to 300 responses.  I also contributed book reviews, health briefs, and ghostwritten Letters from the Publisher.

Previous Experience -- News Editor, Aetna Life & Casualty, Hartford, CT

During my four years as editor of Life NEWS, I had sole responsibility for finding, developing, and writing all stories for the Life Department's monthly eight-page newspaper. Editing, proofing, directing photographers, and laying-out (manually—these were the ‘70s!) were other exclusive duties: the publication was "my baby" entirely. Topics included new products, sales campaigns, accolades and seminars, company acquisitions and policies, and agent interviews. What had previously been a nuts 'n' bolts "house organ" became, under my leadership, an eagerly anticipated read - crisp, compelling, and sprinkled with subtle witticisms.

Proofreader, R. R. Bowker Publishing Co., New York City

I proofread Books in Print and occasional news releases.

Teacher, P.S. 123, New York City

An exhilarating year of teaching second-graders in Harlem.

Along the way, I have also written features for newspapers (The Hartford Courant, Insurance Times, The Norwood Bulletin, and AAA publications); edited and assembled student-fiction anthologies for Merlyn's Pen; copyedited and proofread Astro Digest, a national astrology magazine; edited a series of "Supermarket Nutrition" books for New York-based CCN Publishing; edited American Silversmith magazine and newsletter; edited Web content for and; proofread for What Is Enlightenment? magazine; and line-edited three books for Roaring Lion Press about Peter Ragnar, a present-day mystic and sage.


College of Mount Saint Vincent, B.A., English/Psychology


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Crowning Achievement


I am the mother of three happy, healthy, and kindhearted children.